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The 360° 3D Surround View Monitoring

The NEXADAS Full-HD 3D 360o Surround View Monitoring Technology synthesizes images from four cameras using 3D VR based technology to create a true 3D sophisticated view of a vehicle's surroundings. The technology enables flexible omni-directional monitoring around a vehicle from a dynamically definable perspective or "free eye point." The NEXADAS SVM Technology can display the complete vision of the positioning and moving path of the car, it eliminates blind spot and thus works perfectly as a safe side/reverse parking and driving guide when restricted by adjacent vehicles and objects. NEXADAS technolo-gies will convince you the safety and make you feel calm all the way. In case of parking or driving in dark environment or bad weather like frog, NEXADAS WDR technology and video enhancements skills on defog application will also help you handle such conditions easily.
NEXADAS offers various SVM system configurations like -HDMI/VGA/AV with alternative version of 2D or 3D.

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